In today’s world, information on Autism treatment can be found easily with a few clicks of your mouse right in front of your computer. On one hand, you, as the parent of your child, can learn a lot about Autism treatment within hours by sitting in front of your computer. On the other hand, you might be exposed to a lot of misleading information on the internet as well.


As a group of professionals at ICan-B who have devoted many years working with the population with developmental disabilities, it is our obligation to disseminate and educate families and parents about Applied Behavior Analysis and effective treatments relating to Autism and developmental disabilities.


To simply put, when it comes to selecting effective therapy for your child, ensure the treatment you choose for your child is evidence based!


So why do parents choose ineffective treatments?


  • They are desperate for help

  • Trusted misleading claims about a certain treatment approach

  • Ineffective treatments might cost less


Using ineffective treatments will have a high chance of wasting:


  • Time

  • Resources


To children with autism, time is everything


Evidence Based Therapy

Teaching procedures are:


  • Studied extensively with strong experimental design

  • Replicable results

  • Peer-reviewed

  • Published in renowned journal literature



Why should you choose ICan-B as your ABA service provider?


First of all, each clinician at ICan-B only practices evidence-based teaching strategies. That is, we only utilize ABA strategies that have been extensively studied and shown to be effective in teaching new skills to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities. We also utilize different ABA based behaviour reduction techniques to manage their socially inappropriate behaviors. 



Other factors that separate ICan-B with other providers:

1. The entire ICan-B Asia's clinical team is led by the only Chinese speaking BCBA-D in Hong Kong.


2.    All therapists at ICan-B are trained based on the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) task list provided by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). This is to ensure the quality of our services will be maintained at its highest level.

3.    ICan-B is a U.S. based organization which has served over 500+ families in the past years. Our ABA therapeutic model has been proven to be effective and received positive reputation from different funding sources and families. 

4.    Frequent in-field supervision from our senior clinicians and BCBAs. Our senior staff and BCBAs are required to make at least two in-field supervision visits  to each family monthly. This is to ensure our quality of services is maintained at its highest level and your child’s program is up-to-date. 

5.    You child is unique and so is the program developed by our senior clinicians. Throughout the entire therapy process, our clinicians will continuously assess your child’s needs and skill levels. This is to ensure the ABA program developed for your child is individualized and cater to him or her needs.

6.    Clinical meeting will be held monthly by our clinicians to update you on your child’s progress and answer any question or concern that you might have.

7.    Passionate yet scientific. Our clinicians love to work with their clients yet everything we do at ICan-B is evidence-based and driven by data.

8.    One of the goals of our therapy is to bridge the gap of your child’s functional age and chronological age so he or she can have a meaningful life and be successful in the world. 

Why Choose ICan-B Asia?