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ICan-B has presented and hosted workshops globally in the past several years. We have worked with schools, parents, and other professional organizations to support their staff in acquiring practical ABA techniques and strategies. Workshops & trainings are often customized to fit the needs of the organization or group. In recent years, ICan-B Asia has worked with and is closely working with some renowned organizations and educational institutions in Hong Kong such as Autism Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA), Distinctive Learning Society, Positive Behavior Support Academy, and many more. Furthermore, Dr. Wong Li Wei is also a frequent speaker at different non-profit organizations in Mainland China. Below were some sample topics that were presented at ICan-B’s workshops and trainings:


  • Basic Applied Behavior Analysis concepts

  • Measurement

  • Skill assessments

  • Classroom management strategies

  • Facilitation on skill acquisition

  • Behavior management/reduction strategies

  • How to increase child’s compliance

  • How to teach effective communication to children with autism

  • Sustained attention during homework routine

  • Facilitate development of spontaneous languages

  • Practical ABA strategies to improve aggressive behaviors

  • Improving food refusal with ABA strategies in children with autism

  • Understanding functions of behavior to improve different inappropriate behaviors

  • Effective Strategies in reducing self-stimulatory behaviors

  • ABA strategies to improve children's safety awareness

  • Using ABA to improve you child's sleeping difficulties





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