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Dr. Jose Davila from ICan-B North America was invited as the keynote speaker to present @ this year's Hong Kong Autism Conference on "Trial-Based Functional Analysis", an empirically-validated method on assessing functions of behavior. We would like to thank you Autism Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, and other co-organizers for inviting ICan-B Asia to such a meaningful event!


北美區總督導被獲邀出席今年自閉症研討會的主題演講嘉賓。他的演講主題是 "回合式功能分折"。這是一套科學化的行為功能評估方法。我們非常感謝香港自閉症聯盟,香港教育大學,和其他相關主辦機構邀請ICan-Asia到這個有意義的活動!

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