Parents with Child

Parent Consultation

If, at times, you are puzzled by your child’ behaviors and wondered what you could do in those circumstances, our behavioral consultation services might be right for you. The goal of our behavioral consultation services is to teach you how to analyze your child’s behaviors and what you can do under those circumstances. We want you to learn everything that we know so you don’t need us!


Below, you will see the steps for our behavioral consultation process:

  1. Clinical staff is scheduled for the first visit to your home

  2. Interviews will be conducted by the staff to pinpoint your concerns

  3. Direct observations will be conducted on the behavior(s) of concern

  4. Recommendations will be provided on what you can do to improve the current situation

  5. One or two visits will be scheduled per week to ensure positive changes are occurring

  6. Our staff will teach you different behavior techniques during the visits

  7. Our clinical staff will start to fade out when your child’s behaviors have improved, and that you have learned the necessary behavioral strategies


In addition to in-person consultation, our organization also provide professional and parent consultation globally with the use of different video conferencing software (e.g. Zoom). This consultation model is especially helpful for families who are resided in areas with limited resources and support.


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