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Intensive ABA Therapy

Most children with ASD require intensive ABA therapy for the best gains and to improve their skills and behaviors. At ICan-B Asia, we strongly believe that the intensity (e.g. hours) of ABA therapy should be based on the child's needs. In other words, some children might need more hours of ABA therapy and some children might not. Many factors come into play when determining the intensity of ABA hours for your.

These factors include:

  1. Your child's functioning level

  2. Severity of challenging behaviors

  3. Age

  4. Child's availability

  5. Family availability.


Each child with ASD is unique. They tend to have their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, one child might learn faster in a structured environment and another child might learn quicker in a more loose and natural environment. With that bear in mind, ICan-B Asia thus utilizes a combination of different ABA teaching approaches in our therapy. In general, our teaching approaches can be broken down into two subtypes: 1) Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), which commonly known to be a more structured type of teaching approach and 2) natural environment teaching (NET), which commonly is seen as a more loose and play-based type of teaching approach. DTT is a teaching approach developed by behavior analysts basing on the principles of Behavior Analysis. It breaks skills down into short and simple tasks to make the learning process easier and faster for the child. On the other hand, NET is also a teaching approach that is developed basing on the principles of Behavior Analysis. However, the focus of NET is to utilize naturally occurring opportunities or to contrive teaching opportunities in the child's environment to achieve teaching purposes.


Below is an info-graphic to illustrate the differences between the two approaches.


The goal of our intensive ABA therapy is to find the best way to teach your child's important skills and to improve inappropriate behaviors. Thus, we strongly believe a mixture of effective ABA teaching approaches will best achieve that goal. To enquire more about our services, please click here.



Based on ABA


Reinforcers are not necessarily related to the task

Instructions stay the same


Can be implemented in both clinical and natural settings



Based on ABA

Natural Environment

Reinforcers are directly related to the task

Instructions vary

Promote generalization and maintenance


Learning Motivation